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Zumex Speed Up All-in-One Wide Mirror

Zumex Speed Up All-in-One Wide Mirror

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Zumex Speed Up All-in-One Wide Mirror

Speed Up brings a freshly squeezed juice service to your establishment with maximum performance and a bold, daring look. Wide Mirror podium: 80 cm wide. Autonomy 70 kg 500 oranges.

Podium Mirror Wide


Width I Depth I Height:

710 x 626 x 787 mm


70 kg 500 naranjas

2 Trolleys

100 L - 40 kg

Drip tray

Speed Up - What's new!

Deep Black

A sleek colour with a bold personality.

Automatic PulpOut system

Hygiene is guaranteed at all times thanks to its automatic pulp conveyor belt.

Up tap with bottle holder

34,4 mm | 36 mm | 38 mm. Easy to remove and clean.

With all the advantages of Speed


Built-in feeder

with 20 kg capacity.

Digital Intelligent Touch display

with two modes of use: Automatic or Professional.

Original System® squeezing technology with ASP®

antibacterial technology

Technical specifications

Net weight

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