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Zumex Speed Up All-in-One Wide Black

Zumex Speed Up All-in-One Wide Black

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Zumex Speed Up All-in-One Wide Black

The hottest Juicer on the market. If you are looking for the best juicer for your restaurant, hotel, motel, or shop this is the perfect juicer that will never get you behind

    Wide Black podium


    Width I Depth I Height:

    710 x 626 x 787 mm


    70 kg 500 oranges

    2 trolleys

    100 L - 40 kg

    Speed Up - What's new!

    Deep Black

    A sleek colour with a bold personality.

    Automatic PulpOut system

    Hygiene is guaranteed at all times thanks to its automatic pulp conveyor belt.

    Up tap with bottle holder

    1.35" | 1.41" | 1.48" Easy to remove and clean.

    With all the advantages of Speed


    Built-in feeder

    with 20 kg capacity.

    Digital Intelligent Touch display

    with two modes of use: Automatic or Professional.

    Original System® squeezing technology

    with ASP® antibacterial technology

    Technical specifications

    Net weight

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