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Seaeagle IRB - Inflatable Rescue Board Inflatable Board Rescue Package

Seaeagle IRB - Inflatable Rescue Board Inflatable Board Rescue Package

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Seaeagle IRB - Inflatable Rescue Board Inflatable Board Rescue Package

The Sea Eagle IRB - Inflatable Rescue Board is a 5-foot inflatable rescue board that packs down to a mere 1/6th of its fully inflated size - making it easy to store, transport, and quickly deploy for use!

The inflatable Drop Stitch construction allows this board to be inflated up to 10 psi which makes for an incredibly rigid board while providing just enough flexibility to prevent the injuries caused by traditional rigid/hard shell boards. Great for emergency water and ice rescues!

About the Rescue Board Series

Sea Eagle takes inflatable rescue boards to a whole new level! This rugged, durable inflatable is constructed with not just one, but two layers of reinforced 1000 denier fabric, making it nearly indestructible!

Whether performing water or ice rescues, this little 5-foot board is something you can't leave the station without!

Say goodbye to stowing nightmares, no need to stress about storage space anymore! These boards pack down to just 1/6th of their inflated size which means you can pack 6 deflated boards in the same space it would take to pack two comparable rigid boards of a similar style.

*Please note that the Sea Eagle Rescue Board is not a towable.


Person Capacity 1
Hull Weight 7 kg.
Length 152 cm
Width 74 cm
Load Capacity 1 person, 109 kg
Deflated Approx. 81 cm x 36 cm x 15 cm
Air Valves Recessed One Way
Inflation time Less than 30 seconds
Seam Quadruple Overlap
Material 1100 Decitex Reinforced Drop Stitch
Board Thickness 13cm
Inflation Pressure Up to 10 psi


  • Hull
  • Rescue Board Bag
  • Auto Dual Action Pump
  • Repair Kit

Deflated Hull Size

Width : 81 cmHeight : 15 cmLength : 36 cm
When deflated and packed well, this hull will fit in:


check_circleCar Trunk


check_circleTruck/Large SUV

Standard Features

  • High-visibility orange color
  • Dual bow high-visibility reflective strips
  • Durable, portable, packable, storable, and easily transportable
  • Fits into just about any compartment
  • Deflates and stores at 1/6th the size of similar rigid boards
  • Twelve large heavy-duty D-ring attachment points
  • Four high-strength grab/carry handles
  • Dual sides high-strength 1/2" grab lines
  • Deluxe recessed Halkey Roberts style air valve
  • Skid-resistant, soft, EVA foam traction pad
  • Drop Stitch inflatable construction provides tremendous rigidity
  • Up to 10 PSI max air pressure capacity

Top, Front & Side Views

Key Features

Grab Handles & Non-slip EVA Padding

Grab Handles & Non-slip EVA Padding

Four robust big loop reinforced grab handles for easy access and firm holds. Even the biggest hands and rescue gloves won't be hindered nor become entrapped.


Rugged and durable non-slip EVA padding prevents slide-offs and slipping, provides cushion protection for victims, and the security of maximum gripping power when it's needed most.

Heavy Duty D-ring Attachment Points

Heavy Duty D-ring Attachment Points

Eleven extra heavy-duty D-ring attachment points for attaching bridles, ropes, mechanical advantages, and gear.

Reflective Strips

Reflective Strips

High-visibility reflective strips for enhanced visual location identification during emergency night operations.

Side Grab Lines

Side Grab Lines

Dual sides high-strength 1/2" grab lines to facilitate emergency rescues and rapid securement of multiple victims.

Rescue Graphics

Rescue Graphics

High-visibility "RESCUE" stencil so there's no confusion who the rescuers are and which board is yours.

Efficient Stow-ability

Efficient Stow-ability

A small storage footprint with quick immediate accessibility means one or more can be placed on every unit in the fleet. When life-saving seconds count there's nothing better than having a Rescue Board ready to deploy at the blink of an eye.

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