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SB Fitness Equipment

SB Fitness Equipment CT400 Self Generated Curved Treadmill

SB Fitness Equipment CT400 Self Generated Curved Treadmill

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SB Fitness Equipment CT400 Curved Treadmill

Equipped with unique, shock absorbing flexible slats that reduce joint impact and discomfort.

Designed for HIIT Training, Interval Training, Sprints, Short Distances and Walking. This treadmill is not recommended for long distance running as the flexible slats increase the intensity of the workout.


Ultra-thin flexible slats offer maximum absorption, which makes the CT400 Curved treadmill light weight and promotes less stress on your joints and more muscle activation, resulting in higher intensity workouts.


The CT400 Self-Generated Curved Treadmill Requires NO ROUTINE MAINTENANCE

The CT400 Manual Magnetic Resistance Offers 3 Levels: Low-Medium-High

Advantages of a curved treadmill over a motorized treadmill:

  • 30% increased calorie burn
  • 100% energy efficient. Powered by the body's fat burning furnace
  • 30% Increased oxygen consumption
  • 16% Increased heart rate
  • 2.5% Increased cadence
  • Promotes better running form
  • More Muscle activation
  • Lower risk of injury
  • No maximum speed! Most treadmills max out at 12 - 13 MPH
  • Adjusts to speed changes immediately. Perfect for high intensity interval training
  • No expensive-to-replace electronics or motor that often fail after the warranty period ends.
  • Better reliability and longer service life


  • High-speed nylon bearings for smooth and quiet operation
  • Steel frame and handrails
  • Net Weight: 165 lbs.
  • Great for walking, running, or sports training
  • Great for sport-specific training for athletes and serious exercisers
  • Super durable, ultra-thin slats (running track) rated for 150,000 miles and tested up to 450 lbs. The flexible slats offer maximum shock absorption
  • Assembled 73" L X 30.5" W X 61.6" H

Safety Features:

  • Start and stop controlled by the operator using curves located in front and rear of machine using gravity and magnetic resistance
  • High tension resistance setting assists in slowing movement down and stopping
  • Upward curve located at the rear of treadmill assists in stopping immediately
  • As operator slows speed, the track slows. As operator stops, track stops
  • Handrails assist in keeping balance, stability and stopping immediately

Treadmill Features:

  • Manual magnetic resistance: Low/Medium/High
  • Front digital display shows distance, speed, time, and calories
  • Set time and distance goals
  • Running Area: 18” X 60”
  • Built-in transport wheels and handle for easy transport
  • Adjustable leveling feet for perfect stability
  • No electricity required, can be used anywhere!
  • Patented innovation slats are rated for 150,000 miles

Manufacturer Warranty

***Residential Warranty***:

Frame: 10 years Frame (excludes handlebars)

Parts: 7 years (includes handlebars)

Console: 2 years console

Labor: 1 year

***Commercial Warranty***:

Frame: 10 years (excludes handlebars)

Parts: 5 years (includes handlebars)

Console: 2 years

Labor 1 year

Ships in 1 - 3 Business Days

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