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HOBOT-2S Window Cleaning Robot with Dual Ultrasonic Water Spray

HOBOT-2S Window Cleaning Robot with Dual Ultrasonic Water Spray

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HOBOT-2S Window Cleaning Robot with Dual Ultrasonic Water Spray

With the patented dual ultrasonic spray nozzles, the Edge-Leakage Sensors, and the Creative Voice function, the HOBOT-2S will redefine your window cleaning experience because it couldn’t be easier! Our ultrasonic spray nozzles nebulize water into fine mist particles, employing biomimicry design concepts to imitate the human action of blowing a breath onto the glass before cleaning it. The innovative Edge-Leakage Sensors offer more accurate detection, allowing the robot to move effortlessly on any vertical surface. With the HOBOT App, you can now replace the default voice prompt with any sound of your choice, creating more fun and a personal touch to your robot. You can also update the firmware easily through the App to stay up-to-date with the latest features.

No more spraying in advance, HOBOT-2S will take care of everything for you now!

Everyone can enjoy the view through the spotless windows with ease!

Watch It In Action

Window cleaning deep into corners


Long power cord

Replaceable water tank

Hobot Window cleaning robot

Feature & Specification

Adhesive type Vacuum, Square
Color White
Weight 1300g
Device size (LWH) 240x240x86 mm
Software AI Technology V4
Cleaning pattern Liner clean, Zigzag then N-way
Auto water spray
Replaceable water tank 2 x 26 ml
Nozzle type Ultrasonic, 108 Khz (Kilo Hertz)
Water particle size 15 μm (Micrometer)
Window detergent 220 ml
Auto-cleaning modes 3 modes
Noise/dB 64 dB @1 m
Suction force 6.0 Kgs
Workable window size >40x40 cm
Power range 100~240V, 50~60Hz
Power consumption 72 W
Cleaning cloth Micro-fiber
Safety rope (150 Kgf)
Embedded Li-Po battery 20 mins
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