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Garagesmart Platform Lifter 4' x 8'

Garagesmart Platform Lifter 4' x 8'

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Easy Leveling

MyLifters communicate simultaneously to ensure easy leveling and balanced lifting.

How To Use



Choose the platform size and lifting capacity that meets your unique storage needs.

In-App Safety Features

Features like "smart" points and weight monitoring mean safer operation.

Overhead Storage...Motorized

Our motorized platform is a SMARTER, SIMPLER and SAFER way

to take advantage of the unused overhead space in your garage so you can

easily organize and declutter your garage.

The SmarterHome Difference

Hands-Free Spooling

Our patented hands-free spooling and cable management technology makes MyLifters easy and carefree to use with no tangled cables.

Weight Sensing

Each MyLifter has weight sensing capabilities so you can be smarter and safer with whatever you decide to lift and store.

Bluetooth Enabled

MyLifters are bluetooth enabled so you can lift things with a simple tap. You can also group up to four lifters wirelessly for increased lifting capacity and additional lifting points based on your unique lifting and storage needs.

App Controlled

Our app is packed with features that are designed to keep you and your items safe. Variable speed, for precise placement, and smart points, so you don't crash into the ceiling, are just a few of the features we think you'll appreciate.

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