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Endless Pools Fastlane Pro

Endless Pools Fastlane Pro

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Endless Pools Fastlane Pro

Same pool, completely different experience. When you reinvigorate your backyard pool with the Fastlane Pro current system from Endless Pools®, you expand your aquatic experience. Achieve the versatility of uninterrupted swimming. Enjoy gentle rehab or vigorous cross-training. Give kids some active playtime. Or set yourself in motion on a relaxing floatie ride.

The Fastlane Pro delivers our signature Endless Pools resistance current. With dozens of speed settings, from near-zero to all-fired-up, it's always ready to accommodate any mood and any activity level.

By easily adapting to new or existing pools, the Fastlane Pro transforms the typical pool into a multi-use experience.

FASTLANE PRO… is available in Wall Mount or Deck Mount and includes a current unit UNIT PRICE MSRP (Sapphire or Platinum) with intake and outlet grills, stainless steel grab rail, wall mount or deck mount bracket, 5-hp power unit and 25’ dual connecting hydraulic hoses.

Fastlane In Action!

Speak to a Product Specialist about adding a Fastlane Pro to your home pool today. Call 866-786-1752.


Have a traditional pool already? No problem! The Deck-Mount Fastlane Pro model easily attaches to almost any existing pool deck. With fast installation, you can reinvigorate your backyard pool in just a few hours!

Wall-Mount Fastlane® Pro

For a seamless appearance, your pool builder can embed the Wall-Mount Fastlane Pro model directly into your pool wall. New pool builds give you the most attractive and versatile installation options.

Wall-Mount Fastlane® Pro
• Swim In Place Without Interruption; The Current Has Dozens Of Speeds Up To A 1:08/100-Yard Pace (1:14/100 Meters).
• Turn On The Current For Fitness And Fun To Bring New Vitality To Your Pool Season.
The Current Unit: Installed poolside, the Unit houses our sealed stainless-steel hydraulic motor and custom-designed 16” propeller. Use the water-resistant remote or the Endless Pools Fit@Home® app to control the current for swimming, playtime, or added resistance to any pool workout. The Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU): Remotely located, the HPU connects to the Current Unit via to hydraulic hoses designed to keep the electricity separate from the water. The 5-hp HPU sends our biodegradable, vegetable oil to the Current Unit, generating the current for fun and fitness.
CHOOSING A LOCATION The Fastlane Pro current system can be installed in virtually any new or existing swimming pool. The Current Unit can be placed in pools with a surface area of 200 sq. ft. or greater and water as shallow as 39”. Select a location for the Current Unit that is at least 12’ from the opposing pool wall. This will provide you a spacious private swim lane.
The Current Unit must be installed no closer than 20” from any adjacent wall. Once electricity is brought to the HPU, you can attach the Deck-Mount Fastlane Pro current system to an existing pool deck and have it running in an hour or two. For new pool construction, a pool contractor will typically install the Wall-Mount Fastlane Pro current system.
HPU PLACEMENT The 5-hp HPU operates only when the swim current is on. Locate the HPU with your other pool equipment and protected from the everyday elements. The HPU must be placed on solid ground. For ample ventilation and general maintenance, a minimum of 12” air space must be provided on all sides.
DECK MOUNT FOR EXISTING POOLS The Deck Mount Fastlane Pro current system will typically be installed in an existing backyard pool. A hose cover conceals the hydraulic hoses and is attached to the pool deck. When installing the Deck Mount Fastlane Pro current system there must be 12” of solid decking to secure the Current Unit to the pool deck.
ELECTRICAL REQUIREMENTS It is imperative that the Fastlane Pro current system installation complies with the National Electric Code Article 680 Swimming Pools and Similar Installations and any other applicable local codes and ordinances. The Fastlane Pro current system is ETL listed, Ref. #2001770, and CE listed. A licensed electrician can help with this review and must perform all electrical work.
GROUND FAULT CIRCUIT INTERRUPTERS (GFCI) All equipment provided by Endless Pools and all associated pool equipment must be protected by GFCI. These GFCI circuits must be tested monthly.
POWER UNIT CONNECTIONS The Fastlane Pro current system requires a single 30-Amp, 220-Volt GFCI circuit to operate. An electrician must install a disconnect box within 6 feet of the Power Unit location.
GENERAL CONSIDERATIONS Pools utilizing salt chlorine generators can pose a significant hazard to pool equipment, including a Fastlane Pro current system. While we use the finest 316L stainless steel available, proper bonding and water chemistry control become critical. Refer specifically to our warranty
If winterizing a pool, the Fastlane Pro current system should be removed and stored for the off-season. The hydraulic fluid that remains in the hoses will not freeze even in cold climates.
To protect your Fastlane Pro current system, we provide a Sacrificial Anode; you will need to replace it periodically.
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