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How To Choose The Best Portable Power Station

How To Choose The Best Portable Power Station

Ecoflow 400W Solar Panel

Is investing into a portable power station worth the money?

The short answer. YES

Whether you are an avid camper, or looking for a home backup power source, a portable power station is worth every penny.

 Benefits of owning a portable power station

Avoid Blackouts

Blackouts happen, with a portable power station you will be able to keep your fridge on, keep your AC unit running, and power your most important devices.

Charge your Devices

There is nothing worse than being on “Low Power Mode”, whether the electricity is on or not,  a portable power station will guarantee you hundreds of charges! 

Camping Power Source

If you are a real thrill seeker and enjoy camping off the grid, a portable power station is perfect for you. You will be able to run your favorite power station for hundreds of hours at a time! Turn your off grinding adventure into paradise!

Which portable power station is best for me?

The hard part made easy… which portable power station is the best for me?

Our top picks for portable power stations are Ecoflow and Jackery. With Ecoflow being the fan favorite, Jackery is coming in at a very close second.

Ecoflow Portable Power Stations

Ecoflow Delta Max

Ecoflow has become the fan favorite choice for their Delta ProThe Ecoflow Delta Pro is the top of the line power station packing up to 3600 Watts of power with a run time of many days to power your essential devices. The Ecoflow Delta Pro can be paired with an extra battery and up to 4 400W solar panels that will charge the unit in less than 2 hours! This is the ultimate off grid and home backup power station on the market. Pair 2 Ecoflow Delta Pros for up to 7200 Watts of power to ensure you are never left cold or in the dark!

  • Run a TV for 24 hours
  • Power your fridge and freezer for up to 72 hours
  • Charge your smartphone and laptop up to 150 times
  • Run a heater and AC unit for up to 72 hours
  • Use a microwave and toaster over 150 times

Pair The Delta Pro With A Solar Panel

EcoFlow 400W Solar Panel

Portable & Lightweight With an input of 400W, this is one of the most powerful foldable solar panels on the market.  Weighing only 12.5 kg, the lightweight design and built-in shoulder strap makes it ideal for outdoor adventurers. 

Self-supporting The protective case conveniently turns into a stand that adjusts from 40-90° allowing the solar panels to capture the most rays. Robust & Weatherproof Made from layers of pliable EVA and durable fiberglass to combine the versatility of flexible solar panels with the strength of rigid ones. 

Each monocrystalline silicon cell is covered with ETFE film, protecting against debris, dirt, and water. With an IP67 waterproof rating, the portable solar panel works in all kinds of weather, perfect for both camping and rooftop use.

Wide-ranging Compatibility Uses the universally recognized MC4 connector, making it compatible with all EcoFlow DELTA Series portable power stations and many other third-party generators.

Smart Solar Energy The EcoFlow 400W solar panel has a conversion efficiency of 22.4%, and when paired with an EcoFlow portable solar generator, can extract the most power throughout the day. The solar generator adjusts its efficiency using the Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithm, to deliver a constant power supply.

Pair up to 4 Ecoflow 400W Solar Panels with the Delta Pro for the ultimate off-grid experience. 

Ecoflow Charging Specifications
Jackery 880 Solarsaga Generator

What Can You Run With A Portable Power Station?

One of the most important questions is what can you run with a portable power station. The simple answer is ANYTHING! From charging your smart to keeping your freezer on, a portable power station can do it all!

Jackery Portable Power Stations


Jackery Solar Generator 1500

  • THE JACKERY SOLAR GENERATOR 1500: Integrate and combine the Explorer 1500 portable power station and solar panels into one entity - the Solar Generator 1500, comes with three bundles including the 4 SolarSaga 100, simplified versions of 2 SolarSaga 100X and 1 SolarSaga 100 respectively. These customized bundles are ideal for camping, overlanding, fishing, any outdoor trips.

  • POWER UP TO 85% OF APPLIANCES: Featuring a massive 1534Wh capacity, 1800 running wattage (3600 surge power), the Explorer 1500 is equipped with 3*AC Pure Sine Wave AC outlets, 1*PD 60W USB-C Port, 1*Quick Charge 3.0 Port, 1*USB-A Port, 1*12V car port. It will power up to 85% of your appliances, including home devices, lights, power tools, microwaves, refrigerators, and other larger power demands.

  • FAST SOLAR RECHARGING: With Solarpeak™ technology (upgraded MPPT technology), the Solar generator 1500 can truly identify the biggest input available in real time and maximize power extraction under all conditions, allowing you to charge the battery from zero to 80% within 4 hours.

  • CLEAN, QUIET, EASY TO USE: Zero emission, generating power directly from the sun; nearly silent while operating; one easy button to start.
Jackery 1500 Solarsaga

Jackery Solar Generators:

Green: Captures energy directly from the sun instead of fossil fuel; creating zero carbon dioxide or other pollutants

 Quiet: The Explorer 1500’s internal build is steadily designed to operate without any noise

 Easy to Use: Simply press the "ONE BUTTON" to start the solar generators

 Only Initial Cost: No extra cost on fuel and maintenance

Traditional Generators:

Air Pollution: Uses fossil fuel to generate electricity, adding carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, making our living condition worse

Noisy: It is loud and disturbing. Hard to Start Up, WAY LESS User-Friendly, Time Consuming

Comparing with our "One Button Starts All" portable solar generators, the traditional generators are less convenient

Ongoing Cost and High Maintenance: Need to spend $$$ for gasoline, changing spark plugs and maintenance


Ecoflow Delta Pro with 400W Solar Panel

Well Now it's time to decide which portable power station you will choose. The Ecoflow Delta Pro which will offer the high output of power, or the Jackery 1500 which will put out a cool 1500W of power! Either way you cannot go wrong!

For any further questions or queries, please feel free to contact us at Contact@modernhouseusa.com, or calling us at (800)-505-6241

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